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Forgot to Tell You: I Moved

Well, it has been awhile. Over two years actually. Have you ever had a neighbor pack up and move overnight without a goodbye? No friendly knock on the door. No farewell dinner or even handshake. They somehow even managed to hide the UHAUL truck from your kitchen window view.

I think I am that neighbor. I have not stopped posting blogs. It’s just that I moved and forgot to tell you. Consider this the note I meant to leave on your door before I jumped in my UHAUL and headed West.

Should you find forgiveness in your heart, and in the event that you’d like to visit, you can find me at Type your email in the subscription box to the right on the new site to continue to receive posts.

And I promise, if I move again, I will let you help me pack.


Article: America Does Not Understand Tim Tebow, Christianity

Here’s a great article on how the majority of America does not understand Christianity, as evidenced in Tebowmania.

Stanley Hudson on Christmas

Who Really is this Baby?

I took a writing class from Sandra Glahn a couple years ago.  I still follow her blog from time to time.  She posts thought provoking material on the topics of writing, theology, infertility, and more.  In the spirit of taking Christmas seriously, I pass this post along.

Christmas According to Paul

My Typical Weekend


P-Portriat V-VIII

And a couple more…

Was. Is. Will Be.

The Home Depot

Last week I wanted to take my wife out for dinner.  Naturally I pulled up some customer reviews for restaurants in our area.  This one caught my attention.

The Home Depot

08/09/2008 Posted by LibertyValance

I really love eating at home depot…it is truly a 5 star experience. Who would of thought you could eat here? I know I didn’t…but sure enough we had a fantastic dinner. I had a bunch of nails on a 2”X4″ plank. YumYum! My wife had tapcon screws stir-fried in caulk and fertilizer. Delicious!

Pros: You can eat and buy home improvement supplies on your way out

Cons: Your probably going to die. But that depends on what you eat

44 Seconds…How About You?