Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


My wife’s favorite professor in seminary posted this link recently.  He said something like this, “If you don’t get this, you’ll probably never understand me.”  I think I could say something similar.  Here’s to the freedom in living in uncertainty.  Not foolishly, but free from the control of knowing everything.

I Want In (link 1)

And another good one:
The Absurdity of Christmas (link 2)
“Yet a more temperate approach to questions of faith and doubt seems somehow to accord better with the story of a helpless babe born to a teenage mother and placed in a feeding trough. This is a story not of strength but weakness, not of certainty but of courage, not of power but of utter vulnerability.  So is the Christmas story unlikely, improbable, even absurd? Perhaps. But some of us think that the world needs such a story and is, indeed, a better place for its telling. And so we believe. We do not know for certain, but we believe…”


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