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Tony Dungy, The Mentor Leader

I rummaged through the leftovers at Borders last weekend.  Why buy a book at 60% off when that’s still more expensive than an ebook?  Well, as a writer that dreamed of seeing my name on a hardbound cover one day, I see now my dreams may need to evolve.  My trip to Borders was not completely fruitless, though.  I scanned a Tony Dungy book called The Mentor Leader and stumbled upon some great quotations.  I applaud Tony Dungy, leaving the NFL to a follow a calling second only to coaching at the University of Tennessee.  Here’s what I wrote down:

You stand where no one else stands. Open your eyes and heart and look for opportunities.

Don’t worry about your platform; focus on your impact.

In times of crisis, people gravitate toward the person of highest character.

By focusing on persuasion instead of position or authority, you will begin to capture the hearts of the people you lead.

As a leader, you are always working to understand the people who are following you.

The culture you create permeates everything you touch.


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