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Judgments: Living in the Land of Make Believe (Part 3)

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So when is it okay to judge someone, and when is it wrong?  Because the word “judgment” generally takes on a negative connotation, let’s redefine a good judgment in the context of a relationship as discernment.   That fixes everything, right?  Unfortunately the line between judgment and discernment would cause a tightrope walker to shudder.  I’ll explore judgments before I get to discernment.

Fundamentally, a judgment takes the stance of authority; it has the power to define its target.  In any courtroom, the judge sits elevated above all others.  And every judge wields a gavel, at least in Hollywood.  With each thunderous pounding that echoes off the courtroom walls, the judge claims supremacy.  There is no question about who is in charge.  Similarly, a common perception has God on his throne ready to judge at any given moment.  Within relationships, people hunger for similar authority.  We crave the clout of the judge and the voice of the jury.  Heaven forbid we feel inferior.  We want comfort and power, or at least equality.  In effort to ensure that we do not feel inferior, we pick people apart like a sniper. Morally. Spiritually. Athletically. Intellectually. Financially. Socially.  Aesthetically.  Need I go on?  My trigger happy ego would make a Navy SEAL look like Charlie Brown with a Nerf gun.


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