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Fireworks on the Beach

I’m sitting on the balcony enjoying last night’s leftovers.  Not dinner, but fireworks.  A cool wind encircles me as the waves crash over one another.  An occasional blast of pink and gold glitter illumines the beach below.  Tonight, only a couple of people launch fireworks into the Florida night.  Last night’s display put Disney World to shame.  The sweet aroma of smoke drifted above us like clouds.  Blasts of red, white, blue, and the rest of the rainbow danced in the sky.  The booms just off the balcony brought back memories of an artillery bombardment that I’ve never seen.  For brief moments, the beach would illuminate to reveal pockets of people huddled in awe.  I could look to the right and left and see at least a mile’s worth of fireworks exploding simultaneously.  By far the beach has become my new favorite place to celebrate the 4th of July.  Below is a glimpse of the view from yesterday.

For those of you wondering, Summer and Maren did not last long.  In fact, the sun had not yet given up when Summer, then Maren, begged for refuge inside.  The experience was not without some redeeming moments, though.  Maren verbalized her fear, “I scared.  Fireworks too loud”.  My girls have been learning to match emotions with experiences.  My heart smiled to know that Maren had the awareness and freedom to express her fear attached to its stimulus.  We watched through the windows, cuddled together in a line on the coach.  Thankfully the blasts and booms did not penetrate their bedroom walls.  This morning we went to wake them up.  Maren popped her up and said, “Fireworks?”  She jumped out of my arms and ran into the living room as if Santa had come six months early.  There were no presents in the morning sky.  Her face revealed her devastation that the firework show had ended.  Her only consolation?  This video, which I put on repeat for her to watch all the way through breakfast.


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