Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?

Real Heroes

I often wonder what I’m doing with my life when I read about people serving in places where three bedroom homes constitute the Mayor’s residence, if there is one.  I know that we rarely have eyes to recognize our own glory.  Even those fully immersed in their calling seldom grasp the weight of its impact.  Still, I typically think of the real heroes in life as people like Wilfrido.  To understand more, visit my sister Charis’s blog.  Fresh out of college, she’s dropped herself into a foreign country with only a small parachute- a bachelor’s degree.  For four years she’s studied Spanish.  Now she studies people that have virtually nothing who live more fully than people with everything.  Real heroes.


And as a side note, I just began The Hunger Games.  Charis planned to read it simultaneously with me, but she opted instead for a chick-flick.  I attempted to shame her until she fired back her defense: “Yeah, well I don´t care. Girl meets boy. Girl dreams about the boy. The boy chooses the girl.  That´s a hell of a story.

And no one dies.”

Well played, sis.


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