Desiring Life

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Comfort Women

I knew that the Japanese offered less than the Ritz to enemy POWs during World War II, but Unbroken put flesh on the bones of that knowledge.  A friend remarked that it’s no wonder the Americans felt justified in obliterating two cities with atomic bombs.  The Japanese tortured their prisoners in ways that might cause Holocaust survivors to relate.  But enemy soldiers were not the only ones to suffer under such tyranny.  The Japanese enslaved thousands that became known as “Comfort Women”, young Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Filipino girls forced to waste their bodies and souls for the pleasure of sex-hungry soldiers.  I came across this link and it only reminded me that we live in a cesspit outside of Eden.  I study each woman’s face.  Each wrinkle whispers of untold horrors.  I read their stories, and my heart melts into their eyes.  As I wonder how they pushed away suicide, I wrestle with how stories like these can ultimately glorify God.  I invite you to struggle along with me: Click here-“Comfort Women”.


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