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Judgments: Living in the Land of Make Believe (Part 1)

The May 21st rapture prediction created plenty of billboard hoopla over judgment.  My favorite being, “That was Awkward.  ‘No one knows the day or the hour.’ –Matthew 24:36”.  No doubt drivers, bloggers, and Facebook users, non-Christians and Christians alike, got a laugh out of that one.

This morning, though, I ponder how we’d respond to a billboard that pronounced, “Judgments: You just made one”.  Or perhaps, “Judgments: Placing Relationships in Wheelchairs since Genesis”.  I’ve been confronted lately with how often I judge others.  To be honest, I attach labels to folks like advertisers decorate a stock car.  The speed with which I dismiss people probably rivals a NASCAR race, too.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, I’ve judged you wrongly at some point.  Egocentricity and fear fuel my judgments, bending and reshaping my perceptions of others to fit paradigms that I’ve been too scared to confront or too uncultured to know any differently.

Judging someone wrongly transports me from the relationship to my cerebral world of make believe.  I lose connection with what’s going on in the naked now and instead feed my mind support for the argument of my judgment.  I turn twenty-nine this month, and I’m just now waking up to this.  How many unexposed judgments have kept me in the shallow end of relationships?


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