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Spiritual Frontier

Continued from this post: My Sister, Daniel Boone

Further up and further in! The cry comes from Lewis’s finale in Narnia as Aslan’s faithful race deeper into a redeemed landscape.  They race along a sort of spiritual frontier propelled by one belief: There is more.  The same conviction inspires my sister as she travels the world.  There is more.  It’s human nature to sweep that truth under a rug inscribed “Home Sweet Home”.  We settle for less, relax in the comfortable.  The professional field of education is a great example.  I attend professional growth conferences and watch veteran teachers duck out consistently throughout the day.  Sometimes by lunchtime, numbers have fallen by fifty percent.  Teachers, entrenched in their own system, exchange the opportunity for growth with the chance for a free afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong, many times I’ve counted the droplets of condensation on the Hyatt water glass.  But the mindset to settle scares me.  On the grand scale, any business system that allows employees to attain tenure risks the return of complacency.

Go for more.  These words rose up in my heart a few weeks back.  I took inventory of my life.  For the first time in years, I had not moved locations or jobs.  I had accumulated more and more Polos, furniture, and gadgets.  As I judged the exterior of my life, I began to worry that I’d settled into the white picket fence and 2.5 kids.  Might evil lull us to sleep in the crib of contentment?  That was my fear.  Go for more.  The message applied to the interior, and it combated the subtle whisper that I’d experienced all God had to give.  Theologically that sounds crazy.  Realistically and practically, though, count the spiritually dormant lives.

There is more.


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