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My Sister, Daniel Boone

My sister walked in Ghana today.  A week ago she explored the streets and mosques of Morocco.  Before that she sipped sangria and danced the Flamenco through Spain, stopping to see a cathedral or ten.  She will venture to seven more countries before mid-December when her Semester at Sea completes its circle of the globe.  I’ve lived vicariously through her travel blog and sporadic Skype calls.  She inspires me with her insatiable efforts to press the boundaries of her experience.  Her blog lists some of her life goals: study at Oxford, take seminary classes in Israel, wander Italy, master the Spanish language, take voice lessons, and travel the world (a rather ambiguous goal that resists limits in its essence).  Did I mention she spent her summer serving in Nicaragua?  She looks at a map like a boy views the tree line beyond the backyard: penetrable frontier.

Her life challenges me to look inward.  I want my heart to see God like she perceives the globe.

Further thoughts to come…


2 responses to “My Sister, Daniel Boone

  1. Daniel Boone September 27, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I love that I could inspire you. The thought that I could inspire anyone is beyond me, but it’s an honor to know that I could inspire someone who so greatly inspires me.

    Maren and summer are coming on my next trip. Maybe Israel?

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