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Straight From a Movie Critic

RudyI begin every class with background music from a selected soundtrack.  Music captures the power of a story and allows us to relive it long after the credits roll.  On my morning drive, the Broadway recording of Wicked continues to arrest my soul to a captivity of wonderment.  I hope my students depart class with an appreciation for the vast number of stories that lurk in and around them and a hunger to further explore narratives.  This means broadening their perspective on the channels of stories.  Hence, the avenue of music.

Each day the students enjoy taking guesses to identify each week’s soundtrack, and I begin offering hints on Tuesdays.  Irish football fanatics would smile at the glorious playing of Rudy this week, the legendary account of the not-so-intimidating student that walked on at Notre Dame.  This morning the students bombarded me with pressure to reveal the movie title.  I offered this hint, thinking it was almost a sheer giveaway (two other classes shouted “Rudy!” before I could take in another breath), “This movie ends with a bunch of people chanting a character’s name.”

“What?!” an exceptionally intellectual 6th grade boy that reads on a forty year-old level exclaimed, “A quarter of the movies in the world end like that!”

“Yeah, even Chinese movies,” added the girl in front of him before chanting, “Ching Chang, Ching Chang, Ching Chang!”


One response to “Straight From a Movie Critic

  1. Xan Hood October 12, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Can I secure my yet to be baby girl in your class for 2022?

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