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The T-Mobile Dance

Imagine walking into New York City’s Grand Central Station to catch a subway.  You search for a color or number on a sign to direct you toward the train you need.  You pay little attention to the loud speaker, which sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher, wah-wa-wah-wa-wah.  Then all of the sudden, the Isley Brothers overtake the loudspeaker with “Shout”.  And then…

My wife still has not recovered from the power of the video below.  She has shown it to me at least twenty times, and she continues to pass the link around.  T-Mobile recently produced a commercial driven by the theme: “Life’s for Sharing.”  10,000 people auditioned to make the cut.  The plan?  400 dancers dressed as commuters would descend on Liverpool Street Station from various directions.  At the appointed time, music would overtake the subway station’s system, and the choreographed dance would commence.  I watched the “making of” video, also below, and marveled as the director Michael Gracey shared his thoughts.  The commercial’s success, he explains, revolves around the energy of the dancers heartening other subway travelers to take part.  He shouts during an audition, “You’re so caught up in the dance that you’re not saying to someone, ‘Come on!  Join in!’”  That’s it, Jesus’ heart-cry behind his coming, Come on!  Join in!

I loved two more aspects of the “making of” video.  First from the span of 3:45 to 4:06, you see the directors watching the event unfold on small screens, the fruit of their sweat equity before them.  They cheer, slap hands, and laugh as they watch bystanders join the likes of the Mashed Potato.  Their delight is a snapshot of heaven now, in celebration over onlookers becoming partakers.  And then there’s the response of the folks that tasted a crumb of the Kingdom.  Here are two responses:

“I was in a bad mood when I came here.  I’m in a good one now.”

“I felt a moment of love.  It was connective, like, for five minutes there everyone was relaxed.  It was nice.”

Jesus says in Matthew 10:7 (The Message), “Tell them that the Kingdom is here.”  An invitation to participate.

Be sure to click HQ for higher quality video


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