Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


You first had the chance to meet Chip and Wes here.

On another certain day, the dynamic 6th grade duo sat comfortably in math, letting the additions and subtractions float over their heads, off the walls, and then through the door down the hallway.  The instructor, a College of Charleston grad, marked up the dry-erase board with a word problem, remember those?  I wasn’t there, but was told it had to do with integers representing situations, or something insignificantly mathematical like that.

The city of Charleston, SC is located 32,342 below sea level…

Before she could finish posting the question, Wes interrupted with baby blue Tar Heel basketball on his mind, “Mrs Taylor, I didn’t know you went to school in North Carolina.”

Mrs. Taylor narrowed her eyes curiously, “Umm, no Wes, I went to college in South Carolina.”

“Oh yeah, but like, Carolina.”  He stretched his arms out to model what he imagined of the state.

“No, the state: South Carolina.”

Wes sat upright in his chair and gestured more obviously, frustrated that she wasn’t getting it, “Yeah, like, CAROLINA.”

About this time, Chip leaned in to rescue his friend from wasting his time, “Wes, the state is just Carolina.  When you’re driving North, it’s North Carolina, and when you’re driving South, it’s South Carolina.”

“NO!!!” Mrs. Taylor barged in with fear that these boys jeopardized the geography teacher’s job, “Do not listen to him, Wes, we have a state called South Carolina and one called North Carolina.  They’re two different states!”


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