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B is for Beer

I love good once upon a times.  You know, the stories that begin with writing or intros that deliver you into an enchantment, the kind that makes you forget you’re even in a movie theater or reading at all.  I started reading Same Kind of Different as Me last week and traveled to deep South Louisiana on page two.   The recent movie State of Play made me forget for two hours that I had to go to the bathroom.

All this to share an opening I came across while rummaging around Barnes & Noble.  I picked up B is for Beer by Tom Robbins and chuckled with this first paragraph,

Have you ever wondered why your daddy likes beer so much?  Have you wondered, before you fall asleep at night, why he sometimes acts kind of funny after he’s been drinking beer?  Maybe you’ve wondered where beer comes from, because you’re pretty sure it isn’t from a cow.  Well, Gracie Perkel wondered those things.

How would the opening to your life story begin?


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