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Chip and Wes

Red Two sat behind Red One in my 8th period for the first couple months until I realized the extent of their friendship.  I grew tired of seeing the back of Wes’s red head and decided to move the ever so talkative Chip across the room.

Now I mostly see the side of Wes’s freckled face because Chip’s mouth continues to jaw away.  When it doesn’t distract the class, I’ve come to enjoy their camaraderie and banter, even look forward to it.  Over the year my delight in them has opened the wealth of their full personalities.  I would describe both as 100% boy.  Chip, with a buzz cut, braces, and eyes that threaten to take life by the reins, has a red hat frayed on all edges that he treasures like gold and refuses to wash.  Once I gave him an infraction slip with instructions for his parents to sign it.  He promptly crossed out “Excessive Talking” on the space for reasons and replaced it with “Eating other Children”.  I emailed his mother right away: Chip is bringing home an infraction for talking.  Don’t be fooled by the infraction information to which he changed the reason to: “eating other children”.  I counted the students twice, and they’re all here, so I’m 99.9% sure he didn’t eat any.

Wes, a teacher’s dream with his yes-sirs and no-sirs, started a game of tag with me sometime back in November, and I get the feeling the competition won’t end until he’s won.  He’ll slap me on the back on his way out of class, letting me know “I’m it”.  Before his World Series of Tag began, he would attempt to sneak into my classroom at different times without my noticing, never once successful.  Best of all, he’d throw a fit behind televisions and bookshelves every time I said hello without even looking up from my paperwork.

Together Chip and Wes have developed certain mannerisms that play off one another and hard as I try, I cannot withhold from laughing, even when I see their cues.

One particular day, just as monkeys can money-around, Chip bloomed into full Chip-ness for all to see.  I considered asking him to step out of the classroom.  He got my drift and settled back into his work.  Wes approached me with a legit question at about the same time, and I surprised him before he could speak.  I looked toward Chip and said, “Seriously Wes, how can you even be friends with him?”

He shrugged, “Hey, you know, what would Jesus do?”


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