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Boston Massacre

sam-adamsMy students often beg to play a particular trivia game during free minutes every now and then.  I had a few minutes to spare at the end of one class yesterday, and the requests flew my way, “Can we please play Brain Quest!?!?”  I consented, grabbing the bundle of cards that holds hundreds of questions spanning all scholastic categories.  Generally students compete in two teams, with each side having a spokesperson responsible for presenting the team’s agreed upon answer.  Though many students scream out their answer, I only listen to the appointed voice.

At some point in yesterday’s game, I announced this question to one team: “During the Boston Massacre, who was killed: Sam Adams or Crispus Attucks?”  Several students immediately began pleading their answer to their spokesperson.  “Sam Adams!  Sam Adams!” they shouted.  As one featherbrained and flighty twelve year old boy overheard his team clearly steering their representative in the wrong direction he objected and implored them to look at their folly, “No!  Sam Adams is the beer guy!  He’s the guy on the beer!  Sam Adams is a beer!”

To his dismay the team representative answered Sam Adams.  He threw his hands towards the ceiling, clenched his fists in fury, and unleashed his rage at their obvious ignorance, “NO!!!”

I refrained from informing him that though Sam Adams was not the answer, he was in fact a real Bostonian living amidst the American Revolution, and therefore much more than a smiling face on the beer aisle.


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