Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


Sometimes the ocean beckons,
And I let the waves roll me.
I get lost in its green,
Considering the trees I miss
for the forest,
eggs Dr. Seuss named,
the smell of spring in the breeze
as Frost melts into nature’s first gold,
baseball fields ready for
Opening Day,
yells from officers to camouflaged rookies,
scales of the garden
snake that slithers after the
the turtle that defeated the hare,
at least one garment
worn to celebrate Ireland’s Patrick,
childhood searches for lucky clovers,
Sprite bottles that use
that shade to quench my thirst,
Dorothy’s wicked foe,
juicy apples I never eat,
the addition of blue paint to yellow,
the better grass on the other side,
Christmas trees
that struck fear in the Grinch,
my wife’s eyes that
invite me to a world within,
and lettuce tossed like I am now,
so I must get out before the green
undertow sweeps me away.


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