Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


A account from my wife…

I was asking Hannah about her storyboard last night (nine-year-old Hannah’s storyboard is a desk full of post-it notes consisting of stories she plans to write). After she told me all the different categories for her stories, I started asking her about some of her story ideas. We talked about some of them and then…

“Are there bad parts?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said with her back to me, standing at her desk. “Stories wouldn’t be very good if they didn’t have bad parts.”

“Why?” I said.

She paused, turned slowly around and then started dancing around the room. In a silly, mocking voice she said “Well, there was this fairy and she lived in the woods and she flitted here and there and all was wonderful…” She stopped right in front of me with a pointed look and waited.

“Boring,” I said to her.

“Exactly.” she replied.


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