Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


In some of my worst nightmares, should lives and I with it, like a horse with his nose in the butt of another, following the worn path when pulled, and I say yes to the man in the black suit multiple times a day, flip the pages of GQ, ache in my heart as I peer across to the corner office, pretend I know how to read the Wall Street Journal, ride the leather of my Benz bought on credit while I drive through the neighborhood marked 90210, order the caviar as an appetizer, smell the Chanel of the girlfriend I don’t know, and study the reactions and responses of the friends I won over beer and cards.


2 responses to “Nightmare

  1. Ted Ancelet August 18, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    I’ve had the same nightmare! I appreciate your talent with words Luke. I hope you guys are doing well. When you making a trip to K-town?

  2. A Former Student November 8, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Death is the end
    of life, of love
    of everything.
    Death is nothing,
    or rather the absence
    of being.

    Death is the only
    Absolute conqueror.
    He has never fought
    A battle and lost.
    He only wins
    And moves on.

    His victims are silent,
    They cannot cry out,
    Run or hide.
    They must only wait
    And accept.
    Is it no wonder
    We fear him?

    Death is the end
    I say, But maybe
    I am wrong. Is life
    The actual End of Death?
    As life is beautiful.
    Could not death be more so?

    In the spring, Life ends death.
    Could the end of our lives
    Merely take us full circle
    And just lead to rebirth?
    A changing, if you will?

    -a former student

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