Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?


To every young boy,

into the void,


To hear him say “I love you”.

the strength of his embrace engulfing.

For living room wrestling matches,

your face scratching against his scruff.

To smell his cologne before work,

and hear the door shut when he returns.

For summer trips to the Ben & Jerry’s,

to taste his chocolate ice cream and

to let him sample your strawberry.

For games of catch in the yard,

until the sun spreads pink.

For trips to football games,

to share the rush of the wave,

the anticipation of the crowd,

and listen to the cry of “beer here!”


For afternoons of yard work, together,

breathing grass and the whir of the mower.

For bedtime hugs,

neighborhood bike rides,

and morning trips for pancakes.

For backpacking trips

and canoe expeditions.

For hours in the garage,

learning the ways under the hood.

For post game talks,

advice about the hers,

and to feel the trust of his gaze

as he hands you the keys.


For phone calls at college,

road trips and explorations,

and a VIP seat saved at your wedding.

To see the tears down his face

as you say “I do”.

To see him as a grandfather,

delighting over you and the new one,

as little you begins to reach for you.

To every young boy,

into the void,



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