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Update #22: Michael Scott is Not My Doctor

As a cancer patient, I really hope Michael Scott is wrong. In honor of The Office returning this Thursday, though, I thought it important to seek Michael’s wisdom on the matter. Our appointment this month was relatively uneventful. The needle drawing my blood was slightly more uncomfortable than usual, if you were wondering. Oh yeah, and as the kind nurse checked my vitals, my lovely wife kept peeking in the window making faces. She’ll do anything to embarrass me.

In a related story, I haven’t really exercised much since my surgery last July. I’ve been more determined than ever to change that habit. My expanding stomach provides powerful motivation. Well, inspired by my triathlon-ic-like father, I decided to take up swimming. It started out so well. I joined the sun in rising early one morning and I grabbed my gym bag and work clothes. I entered the rec center facility and peered into the pristine pool area, the water sitting, placidly awaiting my entry. Well okay, actually it wasn’t calm at all. The local high school swim team beat me to the pool that morning. Regardless, there were a few lanes available. As I entered the pool area, that fresh, invigorating aroma of chlorine hit me like a skunk. No matter, I was on a mission. The anticipation mounted as I splashed into the water, stretching a second before beginning my free-style. Then a new revelation hit me: swimming is the hardest thing to do in the world.

I lasted six minutes.

So, my workouts will continue. And I may keep you updated. But probably not, seeing as I barely wanted the life guard to notice me sucking wind, only wanting him to watch because he would save my life if I couldn’t make it the rest of the way down the pool.


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