Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?

Get You, Be You, Give You

We’ve all lost heart at some point on life’s journey. The battle to regain your heart is a process, as well as a bloody war. Sage Hill focuses on that process, aiming to help you “get you, and then be you, and then give you”. The purpose of growth and processing through your heart is never supposed to stay with only you. It’s always intended to eventually lead you to fully be you and then fully give you. Full living, which is being you, and full loving, which is giving you, is what we were made for. But things have gone wrong with sin and rebellion and so now a fight must be had just to get your heart back. Ephesians 4 discusses the separation of our hearts from us. We have been cursed, or cut off, from the way we were meant to be. As our hearts have been hardened, shut off, and unfeeling, we’ve exchanged our feelings/senses for sensuality. Addicted and cursed is our state so much of the time. That is not who we were meant to be. To live life fully, you must get you, so you can be you, so you can give you.


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