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Update #15: Closing Time

I sat looking away from her, trying to think about anything that would distract me from the truth. I was thankful for the red-head who attempted to talk with me. She offered a distraction from what the other nurse (Curls) was about to do: insert an IV. The red-head complimented my wife, asked about how long we’d been married, and ouch! The needle pierced my skin. As many times as I’ve experienced this in the last two months, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. This time was proving to be the most uncomfortable.

I think it may have had something to do with the personnel. I concentrated on the conversation with the red-head. Quickly we were interrupted by Curls, “I’m really trying not to make a mess over here.”

Are you serious? At what point going through nursing school did they advise letting your patient know that blood is spraying? Curls wiggled the IV around and worked to get it in the right place. Then it got worse. Red said something to her about me being her last patient of the evening and calling it a night. She agreed, “Yeah, I’m going as fast as I can.” Yeah, no kidding.

Chalk up another story for telling around the campfire. They are adding up during this whole process. Someday I’ll share about the ultra-sound back in April.

Besides that saga, the week of tests and doctor visits went well. Doc said that uneventful visits from here on out would be a good thing. Results showed no signs of relapse. We are so thankful.


2 responses to “Update #15: Closing Time

  1. Gdash November 30, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    I’m really thankful and hopeful for you (even though Stephen says we can’t have feelings for others). I really want to tell you that “everything is going to be ok” and that your life will be “happy ever after” from here. The truth, however, is that life is tragic. In the garden Tragedy entered the world and since, this life is all we can bear. Just look at the pharmaceutical success. That paints a pretty clear picture of how messed up everyone’s lives are.
    “Jesus loves you, but everybody else thinks you’re an asshole.” As funny as that is, and as much as I laughed my butt off, it also occurred to me that its a poignant commentary on life. We are all assholes. You’re an asshole, Luke. I love you, Luke.

  2. Xan November 30, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    Luke. I am reading the good news!!! So, so glad for you! You are writing so beautifully about your wounds, and glory, and I guess, spilling or squirting blood on its behalf? Trying for a metaphor… Hope you are well. Would love to see you in December!

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