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Theology vs. the Heart, Part II

Theology becomes rich only when it survives the onslaught of pain. –Larry Crabb

I read that line the other morning and my jaw dropped. That’s it. The connector I’ve been looking for. Awhile back I wrote a piece concerning a question I have. How do we develop a discerning heart that lives fully before and with a God that is more important than our spiritual journey, wounds, and dreams? It is the struggle for a rhythm between theology and the heart. Many good people are lost in the process of swaying too far to one or the other.

Pain exposes our theology, to quote Jennifer VanOrman. Our view of God (theology) can be studied, examined, taught, and preached all day long. However, if the heart motivating it all is not fiercely aware of the human condition’s need for Christ, that theology is useless and empty.

Our theology should lead us to a face to face encounter with a holy God. If it does not, we not only waste our time and abandon our own hearts, but we endanger others with whom we are in relationship. The connection between two beings centers from the heart. If we don’t have our heart fully or we hide our heart, we harm others. To live fully we need our hearts. It’s where God came looking for Adam in Genesis 3. He asks. “Where are you?” (see Here I Am) Knowing God requires our heart. And theology.

More thoughts later…


One response to “Theology vs. the Heart, Part II

  1. adrianswilson September 21, 2009 at 1:29 am

    “Our theology should lead us to a face to face encounter with a holy God”.

    This is very thought provoking. Thank you.

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