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Update #12: He Said What?!

We drove Shannon’s car to the doctor’s office on Friday for the first surveillance appointment. For those who’ve been journeying with us, you’ve read about our struggles over differing opinions on treatment. Our latest controversy included an expert recommending radiation treatment even though the pathologies confirmed a non-seminoma tumor. Based on our research, treatments for non-seminoma tumors are chemotherapy, RPLND surgery, or surveillance (not radiation.) Yesterday, our current doctor almost fell out of his chair when we shared about being directed towards radiation. He couldn’t believe it. He then explained why that treatment would be ludicrous for my situation. I felt more settled after that. It wasn’t his disagreement that convinced me, but the sincerity of his surprise. The lone doctor’s opinion had been baffling us, leading us to believe he was off. Now we had support for our hypothesis.

So, to conclude with my surveillance appointment: my x-rays are clear and we will get the blood test results on Monday. We left the hospital glad about having finally chosen a treatment. With all the confusion we’ve gone through, we still have fears about cancer silently spreading. But, we are excited about a reprieve from calling numerous doctors.


One response to “Update #12: He Said What?!

  1. Glen B September 25, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Just got caught up on your last four updates. Looks like the Red Sea has parted…you still have to walk thru it, those walls of water on each side could be kinda spooky but like Peter, keep your eyes on Him.
    You should be ready for Halloween early this year or at least the colors of Haloween – you know all that orange and black…aren’t all the UT fans putting black mourning shawls over their orange shirts? Have you guys won a single game yet?

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