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Update #11: Surveying the Week

So now we’ve halfway chosen a treatment. I go in for blood work and x-rays this week as part of my surveillance.

The report from the NYC doctor agreed with the majority of assessments thus far: non-seminoma. I’m not really sure how to react. It seems that we should simply let “majority rule”. However, we have a lot of respect for the lone doctor. He recommends radiation to treat the seminoma case. In fact, even if it were non-seminoma, he prefers to treat the part of the tumor that is seminoma with radiation. This is contrary to everything we have heard and read. He also added, though, that surveillance is a viable option.

The other doctors, the ones who claim we’re dealing with a non-seminoma case, have agreed that my options are surgery or surveillance. Given the fact that my odds of being cancer free right now (because of the first surgery in July) are 75-80% and that doctors of both opinions included surveillance as options, we are choosing that for now.

I say “for now” because we are still not comfortable with different doctors coming up with different opinions on treatment. As we continue the path of surveillance, our plan is to get yet another opinion on my slides and treatment. This whole process is nuts. I expected to be able to make a decision and feel a peace about it. Nope. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on results from tests.

Good night.


One response to “Update #11: Surveying the Week

  1. Andy P. September 20, 2007 at 2:35 am

    “This whole process is nuts”?

    Good ball update. Have been thinking about you. Will pray for peace in your decision. Hope to see you before too long.

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