Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?

Update #9: Getting Somewhere…


Picture this: Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteer football team, filled to capacity on a Saturday in the fall. A cool, crisp fall breeze whips in from the Tennessee River. The Vols are taking on the much-hated Florida Gators (I can’t believe I’m even allowing those two words on my site). Over 107,000 orange clad maniacs stand, awaiting the time to erupt in celebration. All eyes focus on the tunnel which leads to the locker rooms. Suddenly, the black and white striped referee emerges jogging lightly. The crowd’s anticipation gives way to utter pandemonium. The Orange Nation is jumping all over each other. Shouts and cries can be heard all over, “There he is! The referee!! Go ref! We’re so glad you’re here!!!”

And this is where we are. Welcome to my Testicular Cancer-Neyland Stadium. The referee has arrived.

He’s a specialist in New York City and he came highly recommended by my doctor at Vanderbilt. He and his staff are on top of things, that’s for sure. I talked to him one day and the next day, my pathology slides were over-nighted to his office.

Hopefully this will settle the 100% seminoma vs. non-seminoma debate. From what I’ve gathered from the last two doctors, the best news possible would be 100% seminoma. If that were the case, I could start light radiation therapy. If it turns out to be non-seminoma, we’re back to the agonizing place of decision making: surgery or surveillance.

That’s the latest. Not much heart, just data and some excitement for the coming football season.


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