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Cancer Update #3: Shameless

Thursday (yesterday), I went in to have a CT scan. On my way out, I ran into the nurse who had helped me go to the bathroom for the first time after the surgery. She literally had to watch me pee. When I saw her yesterday, she recognized me immediately, saying in typical southern drawl, “Hey there, darlin’. I remember you from last week. (Exactly what did she remember, I thought.) How ya doin’?” I genuinely thanked her for taking such good care of me. It was then I realized that going through this process has left me no room for shame. I mean, when you’re talking about your testicles, what else is left?

In the midst of our fears, we found the best thing that happened was talking with couples who have experienced the same trial. Some friends connected us with a couple of guys. It was so life giving. They didn’t hold back from sharing the hard moments. But knowing that there is a probable future around the corner was so encouraging. I hope we can one day be able to comfort others after having lived through this nightmare ourselves.


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