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Cancer Update #2: The Week of Unknown

Shannon and I learned this week that sometimes the unknown is the toughest to deal with. After last week, we knew a few facts: #1) No cancer had shown up in my blood. #2) 95-98% of testicular cancer is curable. #3) I would need a CT scan to see if cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. Other than that, there was not much else to go on. This was simply a week to recover and wait. Meanwhile, doctors would work to identify what they had found.

Recovery went well. Shannon beautifully and sacrificially took care of me. I must have woken her up four times in the first night to help me get to the bathroom and take pain medication. Oh that wonderful stuff! I basically had to learn to function without using my abdomen muscles, which is where the incision was. Do you realize how much you use your abs for?! It was a tough three days before things got better. Especially when a bag of Costco trail mix (you know, the 5 lb. bags) was accidentally dropped right on my stitches. The father who did this shall remain nameless. Overall though, I recovered very quickly. Friends cared for us well, delivering meals and coming to spend time with us.

The week was not all rosy, though. Recovery was nothing compared to what went on in our hearts. There were days when we could not help but fear the worst. Cancer is a scary, scary word. According to one source, before 1970, only 10% of testicular cancer patients survived. We wept deeper and truer than we ever have together. The fragility of life became real. We wanted to know what we were dealing with and we just didn’t.


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