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Michael Mohr, FOXNews, and “Jesus Cracks Cold Case”

“Jesus Cracks Cold Case”

This morning’s routine included checking before the day began. One of the headlines read “Jesus Cracks Cold Case”. Upon first reading, I thought it was referring to a Mexican man by that name, except pronounced “hey-suse”. It was actually a story of Michael Mohr, a 51 year-old man who confessed to killing Myrna Gonzales in 2004. Jesus was the reason he turned himself in. My first thought was- “How wonderful!” But after completing the article, I began to feel like Fox was attempting to capitalize on a story that could use Jesus as comic relief.

How ironic and tragic. When a murder occurs, society lashes out in anger and fury for justice. Take the recent Kelsey Smith case. The girl had been kidnapped, shoved into a vehicle and taken away. Her body was found 18-20 miles away a few days later. I recently checked a website devoted to aiding in the search of her. Hundreds of people had written, expressing their concern and cry for justice. We wanted Kelsey to be safe, but we also wanted the kidnapper/killer to be caught and punished.

We fiercely seek and long for redemption in everything that goes wrong. Yet in the case of Michael Mohr, when a rare sliver of justice transpires, chooses to make a situation laughable rather than celebratory. I seriously question whether the writers rejoiced more in the fact that they could use Jesus to make a story or in the fact that incredible heart change happened in a killer.

God is authoring this Story towards redemption. We as image bearers look for ways to participate. Michael Mohr participated in that responsibility, and a newspaper laughed. If it makes me sad, I can’t imagine the pain God feels.


One response to “Michael Mohr, FOXNews, and “Jesus Cracks Cold Case”

  1. Bennett's June 12, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    We know Michael. We fellowshiped with him at Church before he went back to NY. He is a wonderful guy, we never would have suspected, however, the Lord had been working on his heart and he just couldn’t get “settled”, he couldn’t get past what he did and I am blessed to see true redemption taking place. Even if Fox tried to make it a joke, what satan planned for evil GOD WILL USE FOR GOOD!! Keep him in your prayers, he will need it in the coming days/weeks/months years…

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