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Dallas Theological Seminary…Done






“We do a lot of things well. Graduation is one of them.” –Dr. Glenn Kreider, Dallas Theological Seminary


My very memorable weekend is coming to an end. It was my wife’s graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary and we both return with much to be thankful for. Never have I attended a grander ceremony (What a celebration!). Never have I spent a weekend in the presence of so many spiritual giants. We sat at their feet, watched them from afar, listened to them speak and worship, and ate Chik-fil-a with them.

We spent Friday in the company of men and women playing pivotal roles in the transformation of Africa. (ALARM) They train leaders and pastors in the art of forgiveness and reconciliation, in many cases, risking their lives. One had been tortured. Another diabetic had been thrown in prison for 2 weeks without food or water. I almost offered to pray for the food before we ate. A fool I can be. Instead, I listened to a man far superior thank the Lord more genuinely than I have ever done. Celestin needs the gospel to be true because he risks so much. The result seems to be knowing God far deeper than one who risks little.

Although I could spend more time reflecting on the experience of encountering the likes of Hendricks, Bailey, Pentecost, Toussaint, and Swindoll, the real celebration was over my wife. She’s worked so hard, endured so much, and now a day that seemed so far off has arrived. I am so proud of her.


2 responses to “Dallas Theological Seminary…Done

  1. ancelet825 May 14, 2007 at 11:55 am

    AWESOME…please tell her congratulations! What an accomplishment and it will be fun to watch God move in the lives others through the both of you. You guys are a blessing.

  2. desiringlife May 14, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks Ted! I will tell her. It was a great weekend. Any summer plans in Knoxville?

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