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Sex, Drugs, and Christian Rock

Sex, Drugs, and Christian Rock. This statement caught me off guard as I stood waiting for my coffee at Starbucks. It proclaimed itself from the front of a guy’s t-shirt. Repeating it to myself, chewing on it, and trying to understand it, I almost asked what he meant by wearing it. Clearly the message made a serious statement. The girl working behind the counter even commented, bragging that she too was in the club of people who owned that shirt. By the time I left, I had no more come to a meaningful conclusion than I had finished my coffee. What I did realize was how easy it is to judge others. The message could be taken any number of ways:


  • The common phrase, “Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll”, spans all genres of rock, including Christian rock. Bands claiming to follow Jesus are in no way different in their actions, participating in all forms of sexual immorality and illegal drugs. There isn’t any difference between the behavior of Christian rock bands and secular rock bands.
  • Perhaps the t-shirt’s author was merely trying to make a statement involving sex within the vows of marriage, children’s Tylenol that not only aids your son’s sleep but also allows mom and dad to sleep as well, and Christian rock. I am not quite sure how all those would fit together, but I guess it’s possible.
  • Maybe it was simply supposed to be sold as an undershirt for Jesus freak drummers who want to be reminded of their faithful wives and that there was hope for a good night’s sleep after a loud performance.
  • Or…you know the vendors at baseball games, the ones making the climb to row ZZ to sell hot dogs or beer. He wears that plain shirt that says “HOT DOGS” across it. Maybe this shirt was originally produced for a similar concert vendor. Except this person would be selling sex, drugs, or Christian rock CDs.

Though coffee filled and still clueless, I know two things. First, I will not be searching the web extensively to buy one of these shirts. Secondly, it’s extremely dangerous to judge others. Perhaps I should camp out at Starbucks and await the Sex, Drug, and Christian Rock guy’s return and ask him about it.



One response to “Sex, Drugs, and Christian Rock

  1. ancelet825 May 8, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    Hey Luke…nice new site!

    Oh…and don’t worry, I’ll call Lloyd and get you guys set up for the Cowboy’s games next Fall! Ya know ya want it!!!!!!!

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