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Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute. Formerly “Assistant to the Regional Manager,” now “Assistant Regional Manager.” I wish we all lived more like The Office’s Dwight. (You Office fans take note that I said more) Thursday reminded me of this. Weirdness and quirkiness aside, Dwight gives us an image of someone completely sold out for a larger story. Without a bigger drama to live in, we will become like Stanley or Phyllis, just trying to pay the bills. Regardless of the situations and circumstances, boring as they might be in an office of cubicles, Dwight is alive.

Last night, Phyllis enters the office in shock, having been flashed in the parking lot. Not a split second later, Dwight bolts down there to save the day. The entire episode is spent tracing the culprit. Weeks back, a disgruntled Roy came to make war against Jim for kissing Pam months earlier. As he violently approaches Jim, Dwight steps in with pepper spray to halt Roy’s assault. Then Dwight fiercely explains that his decision to keep the spray in his desk for eight straight years finally paid off. We then discover he stores knunchucks and throwing stars in the top left drawer of his desk, just in case.

There was the time Pam sent him a top secret note from the FBI, telling him he had been selected for a covert mission. We last see him waiting for a chopter on the roof of a building and eventually destroying his phone after being “compromised.” Dwight becomes a volunteer sheriff when traces of illegal drugs are found. When Jim tricks him into believing he is a vampire (evidence enough of Dwight’s imagination), Dwight prepares a crucifix out of a broomstick.

Everything is a conspiracy. He is always ready for battle. There’s a simple and dramatic solution to everything. Something always requires his advice, bravery, or expertise. After all, he has the heroic legacy of the Schrute family line to uphold. Odd as it sounds and hate it as you might, we all need a little Dwight in our own story.


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