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Adam and Eve…When Marriage Was Perfect

Our community group laughed a lot last night as we divided up into two groups of men and women to discuss how life would have been different for Adam and Eve’s marriage before the Fall. Here are some of the ideas. You can probably guess which came from each group.

  • No In-Laws to deal with
  • Lots of bathroom space
  • Since there were no need for clothes, Adam never had to answer to, “Hey Sweetie, does this make me look fat?”
  • No registering or wedding planning
  • Eve never left an empty gas tank in the car
  • They were on time to everything
  • No arguments over when to shave
  • No cultural influences
  • Adam never heard, “I don’t have anything to wear.”
  • No family pictures
  • No sex arguments
  • Everyday of the month was pleasant for both of them
  • No arguments over whose parents to visit for the holidays
  • No previous expectations for the marriage
  • No other women to tempt Adam to stumble
  • No fights over money or budget
  • There was no question of whether he or she was “the one”

What else?


One response to “Adam and Eve…When Marriage Was Perfect

  1. Chad March 7, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks for sharing. Here’s a few more:
    Eve never got upset because Adam was watching the big game.
    Adam never had to watch Oxygen.
    Eve wasn’t influenced by the View or Dr. Phil.
    They had a great marriage counselor (God).
    Adam didn’t have to spend a fortune on dates.
    Eve could say, “Go pick your own dinner” and it not sound mean.

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