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What’s In a Name? (Part 1)

What is in a name? I was recently at a conference and as one of the speakers told story after story, I began to flip through the program guide for the weekend. Towards the back of the quite thick program, there were advertisements for books centered on similar content of the conference. Next to each book was the name of the author and also a small picture; you know the kind, like ones in a grade school yearbook. Something in my heart yearned and turned as I flipped through this section. Frankly, I had no desire at all to read any of the books, nor write a book on similar topics. But, I wanted my picture on one of the pages, next to a book I had written. My mind immediately began to throw around ideas worth writing about. What would people want to read that I could write about? Now, very little of this has to do with me wanting to meet someone’s need or thirst with words of life. Most of it revolves around strategizing to get my picture and name next to a book so that some other guy can flip through a program as he sits through a conference.


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