Desiring Life

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A Salute to You Parents

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I’m living in a season right now that demands more action than contemplation. I have some thoughts stirring though. Perhaps I will have time to share them a bit later. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hit pause on life? It would be like Tivo-life. Probably some pros and cons to that.

Well, in the brief moment I have right now, in between making lunches and breaking up fights, I must commend you parents. My wife and I are baby-sitting our friend’s three kids for three days. Wow. To you parents, I am blown away at the extent you are required to give of your energy and heart. Rest assured, you have become my new heroes. In this period, my approach to the day has changed. It’s like life has forced me to realize that things really aren’t about me. Rather than asking, “What can I receive?” It is now, “What can I give?” Maybe parenthood is one of God’s severe mercies.

To you parents reading, know that if I could, I would buy all of you shiny gold plaques to put on your wall.


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