Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?

A Whisper through a Song

It seems I am daily trying to make sense of life. I know what I believe, but the significance of what I believe and the actual and normal events of the day don’t always seem to correlate. Seeing God clearly can seem like a rarity, along with seeing who I am, and how the whole puzzle fits together. There were times long ago, when I was little, when the occurrences of life seemed to fit together in a way that offered more excitement. I would hear the whisper of life’s deep meaning. Maybe through a song. Maybe through a friend. Maybe through a day at Disney World.

Every now and then in adulthood, the whisper comes back. It did this Christmas Eve, through a song and a dancer and a stage. It spoke of a world of meaning and romance, where God is loving and near. I want to pass the song along to you. Open up iTunes or Napster and download it. It is well-worth your $o.99.

Joy Williams – Here With Us


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