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The Dangers in Blogging

As I have begun blogging, I realize there can be many dangerous aspects to it. Most of the dangers that you might find on a google search have to do with physical things. You know, like people putting too much information on the web, people jeopardizing other people’s privacy, or sharing incidents or problems from work that should not be shared.

But what about the internal world inside us? Could there be dangers lurking there when it comes to blogging? As with anything we do, our motives can often fall into one of two categories: selfless or selfish. So many times we want to be selfless, but end up being selfish. Unfortunately, blogging is no different. These two blogs really challenged me to question why I blog. Though it is convicting to read them, I believe it also is sharpening. Take a look.

This one is entitled “Blog Sabbatical” :

Check out “Selfish Thoughts” :

I would be eager to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment if you want.


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