Desiring Life

Where have you been? Where are you going? And why?

In his book Healing the Masculine Soul, Gordon Dalbey states,

What does my own culture offer as a validation of manhood? The driver’s license at sixteen; freedom at eighteen to join the army, attend pornographic movies, and to buy cigarettes and beer. The message is clear: Becoming a man means operating a powerful machine, killing other men, masturbating, destroying your lungs, and getting drunk.

We’re all lost males, all of us, cast adrift from a community of men, cut off from our masculine heritage- abandoned to machines, organizations, fantasies, drugs.

Where does a young man go to find different answers to what Dalbey describes? Can he find it in the church? Can he find it at school or on an athletic team? Maybe within a fraternity once he gets to college? Does it have anything to do with God?

I think it has everything to do with God. I’ve met someone who deeply desires to see young men become authentic by bringing them into community, into mentoring relationships, and into life. To find their stories, their hearts, and their God. He sent me his new website and I am glad to pass it on:


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