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Entering In (Part 1)

I just watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for the second time. Wow. It moved me to tears multiple times. There is Peter, the boy whose real identity is High King, a warrior; though, it takes him awhile to step into his calling. He doesn’t fully come to believe who he is until he looks into the eyes of Aslan, who believes in Peter more than he believes in himself. I saw myself in Edmond, the boy whose betrayal requires a sacrifice of proportions he could not have fathomed. Then there is Lucy, the small girl who possesses a heart for Aslan that is so sensitive to the lion’s presence, touch, and words.


My desires and longings played out in different scenes. The children enter Aslan’s camp, surely feeling the anticipation of meeting the king. Pater walks with Aslan to the top of a cliff, sword in hand, and hears him speak words of identity. My soul was shaken when the battle lines formed and the screaming eagle/lions led the attack. Each scene spoke of transcendent meaning – that there is more going on than can be seen.

The main thing that struck me was that this Larger Story or Meta-narrative is meant to be experienced. You may have felt like you knew what I was talking about when you read the previous paragraphs. But if so, the thought probably came from your mind, not your heart. All of which to say that you were most likely not experiencing, but rather comprehending in the cerebral sense. Even as I write this blog, I have shifted into the mind rather than the heart. Something as mythic as entering into a deeply true Story cannot be written down without losing its power.

That is often how I live out the gospel. I read the Bible, enjoy friendships, read many books, and listen to teachings. I think and study hard in hopes of grasping the gospel. It is hard work, mostly because the mystery of Christ is just that. A mystery. My efforts are mainly the result of foolishness; something in me hopes I can fit the Larger Story into a box that can be fully explained and seen at all times.

(This is part 1 of two-part post. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow)


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